Munich, Germany – 12 May 2023 –

DKF 2023, the leading event for market data and financial information services, took place on 9 May in Munich, Germany. With around 800 attendees, the event was a great success and gave experts the opportunity to share knowledge, network and discuss the latest trends in the industry.

DKF 2023 featured five themed sessions covering a variety of topics, including market data products and solutions, ESG, energy and alternative data, fintech innovations, regulatory challenges and trading technologies. The event brought together a diverse group of specialists including data providers, trading firms, financial institutions, regulators as well as technology providers.

Debbie Lawrence, Group Head of Data Strategy and Management at London Stock Exchange Group, delivered the keynote. She emphasised the importance of data in financial markets and discussed the challenges companies face in managing and using big data. Debbie Lawrence also addressed trends in the market data industry, such as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning for data analysis.

The first thematic block focused on market data products and solutions. The block included a panel discussion with leading data providers and market participants. Speakers and panellists discussed the challenges of distributing market data across different regions and emphasised the need for standardisation to enable seamless data exchange and the use of AI.

The second block was dedicated to Reference Data Management and explored the opportunities and challenges of using cloud providers and how to achieve transparency on the use of data. Panelists placed great emphasis on data quality and robust analytics platforms to effectively process and analyse alternative data.

Fintech innovations were the focus of the third thematic block with presentations from leading fintech companies. Discussions revolved around the latest trends in areas such as blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and robo-advisory services. Collaboration between fintech companies and traditional financial institutions was emphasised as a driving force for innovation in the industry.

The fourth thematic block focused on regulatory compliance and included a panel discussion with regulatory experts and industry specialists. The panellists discussed the latest regulatory developments in the financial services industry, including MiFID II, GDPR and the SEC’s proposed Rule 606. They also discussed the challenges of complying with multiple and often conflicting regulatory requirements and the importance of using technology to automate compliance processes.

The fifth block of topics covered ESG and energy. Speakers discussed data sets for the Energy market, the latest advances in trading technologies, including algorithmic trading, smart order routing and artificial intelligence. They also emphasised the importance of using data to develop predictive analytics tools that can help traders make more informed trading decisions.

In addition, the ESG Block included the “Womens Roundtable”. This panel featured only female entrepreneurs and top executives and was dedicated to the topic of “ESG, DEI and Gender Lens Investing: How does this impact the corporate gender gap?” The panellists engaged in a stimulating discussion and explored the impact of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors on companies, as well as the importance of a gender perspective in investment decisions to help narrow the gender gap. They explored different strategies and best practices to promote diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) in organisations and emphasised the importance of creating an inclusive corporate culture that values and supports gender equality.

Overall, DKF 2023 was a very successful event with a broad exchange of information. Participants gained valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the market data and financial information services industry. The event highlighted the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing for innovation and growth in the industry. The organisers of DKF 2023 would like to thank all sponsors, speakers and participants for making the event a great success. For more information on DKF 2023, including the programme and speaker presentations, please visit