Group Head of Data Strategy and Management @ London Stock Exchange Group

Debbie Lawrence is the Group Head of Data Management & Strategy for the Data and Analytics Division at the London Stock Exchange Group, LSEG. Debbie has a 25+ year career in financial services. She started her career with Reuters, South Africa, when real-time market data prices were delivered around the globe by satellites to dishes
physically installed on clients’ rooftops. Today that same data is transmitted in nanoseconds via a web of fibre circuits.

Debbie’s career took her to Geneva to lead Reuter’s Business Development function for the Emerging Market countries. It was here where her interest and passion for data was first piqued, researching Islamic Finance and related data requirements, understanding the increased demand for data as a result of Pension Fund reform, and
leadings projects that compared local GAAP vs IFRS financial reporting. This was followed by roles at Thomson Financial and Fidelity International before rejoining Thomson Reuters, now LSEG, 13 years ago.

Since then, she has focused entirely on all things related to financial data, with a passion for ensuring a high-quality data experience and the importance of data interoperability in creating value for customers. In the last couple of years Debbie has witnessed firsthand the impact and pressure for compliance that Data Regulation has had on organizations like LSEG and their clients.

Debbie lives in London with her 12 year old Fulham football fan.