3d innovations (3di) is a data management consultancy & software services firm with offices in the UK, US and Netherlands. 3di specialises in four distinct areas of financial services data: market data, reference data, computational/derived data, and ESG & alternative data. 3di uses its global markets knowledge to offer Investment Banks, Brokerages, Central Banks, Investment Managers, Investment & Wealth Managers, Hedge Funds, Private Banks and Commodity trading houses best practice data management advisory & consultancy solutions.


3di have been successfully employing holistic frameworks and market data management products to help financial services companies govern and manage vendor data for over two decades.

Within these distinct enterprise market data domains, 3di provides the following areas of Consultancy solutions, which are underpinned by proprietary market data management tools & SaaS:

  1. Strategic Enterprise Data Reviews
    From requirements profiling to sourcing analysis, 3di determines business-oriented criteria to advise on the most appropriate data vendors and services sourcing. 3di help organisations maximise their value in data through clinical assessment of business usage and the cost of sourcing and supply of both external and internal data.
  2. Cost and Compliance Management …through content intelligence
    Enabling clients to eliminate unnecessary spend and understand and respond to any contractual constraints from  data originators (brokers, exchanges, index providers, etc.)and aggregators (Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, etc.).  Providing in-depth understanding of the on-going derivation and distribution of data within the firm and out into the private-client market place.
  3. Vendor Management
    Covering  contract management, administration and billing, and service delivery. Offered as an outsourced, Managed Service, Team Augmentation basis, or on an advisory and consultative basis, utilising retainer packages.
  4. Enterprise Data Management
    From modelling data-flows and schema, to system selection and implementation; 3di has over a decade of experience with solutions based around Asset Control, Markit EDM, GoldenSource,  DataHub and others to assist organisations manage their data operationally and strategically.
  5. Software-as-a-Service
    Cloud based benchmarking and management tools for cost optimisation and market data compliance management, market data research & analysis, bespoke analysis reports & vendor intelligence.


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