Introducing MDS at Work

We are an independent Market Data Consultancy firm. Our clients range from the sell side to the buy side and also include exchange and energy companies. We are MDS at Work: Market Data Specialists who do the job. We are hands on, we understand market data vendor services, consumers and stakeholders.

It is our belief that striving for efficient use of market data services is a constant journey. Experience shows that market data expenditure goes up 6% on average each year and it takes a considerable effort to push that figure down.

MDS at Work has a toolbox for market data user profiles and cost benchmarks. We help clients with vendor and exchange audits or vendor selection processes. In addition, we offer market data training programs that include useful examples from our day-to-day practice.

The MDS at Work specialists have all gained experience at vendors or end user firms. With over 10 years of market data consultancy experience our specialists have conducted many market data projects. We are a true market data team!