Business Development Mgr. @ TRG Screen

Ever since his study Ronald Damen is passionate about new technology, capital markets and business development. In his final essay about E-banking (2002) he has concluded that the business models of banks, brokers, asset managers, pension funds, exchanges, etc.. will be heavily impacted by technology. In the last years this trend has exploded and new Fintech Start-Ups, initiatives of incumbents and large techs are announced every day. And billions are invested in this development.

In his opinion the winners of this (re)evolution will be the Fintech Start-Ups. incumbents or large techs that enrich and manage their market and customer data most effective. Data is core to the business models. The customer is central to the business process and customer experience is key.

TRG Screen is in the center of this process. New initiatives are introduced at the TRG Screen Markets (Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Stockholm) and DKF (Munich) events, implementation of new business models and data management projects are run by TRG Screen Consultants and data contracts, cost, revenues and usage are managed with INFOmatch.

In 2014 they started to attract also Fintech Start-Ups to our events. And they see that the Start-Ups and incumbents created a new ecosystem, which is important for the financial industry.