Founder & CEO @ e-Mission

Founder and CEO, Raul Engelke, studied philosophy and political science at the Free University in Berlin. He brings years of experience from the film and directing industry. Raul Engelke has helped direct, write, produce and edit international feature films and has successfully produced his own short films, commercials and industrial films with his own production company RFE Film GmbH. He acted as Oscar and Golden Globes Campaign Manager of the international feature film „Running against the Wind“. Furthermore, he worked as a film director and editor at Apple.

Raul Engelke is passionate about better understanding and contributing to society, having had a crucial experience in the Brazilian rain forest, which led him on a mission to dive into the subject of sustainability.  In March 2021, Raul Engelke founded his start-up e-Mission GmbH a B2B SaaS edutainment platform, for sustainability and compliance trainings. e-Mission has the goal to accelerate the transformation process towards a sustainable economy.