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Schwabing 5/6


Bogenhausen 1

Bogenhausen 2

Boardroom B

08:35 – 08:40

Eröffnungsrede | Opening Speech 🇬🇧 | Schwabing 1-3

Dr. Alexis Eisenhofer,

08:40 – 09:10

Keynote 🇬🇧 | Schwabing 1-3

Debbie Lawrence, Group Head of Data Strategy and Management @ LSEG

09:15 – 09:55

1. Podiumsdiskussion | 1. Panel Discussion  🇬🇧 | Schwabing 1-3

How can innovative data services and technology accelerate the reshaping of the financial world?

Moderator: Evert-Jan ten Brundel, TRG Screen

Teilnehmer:  Stefan Weichert, Forrs; Emily Prince, LSEG; Vitalij Smoljaninov, Metzler, Christian Baha, baha

10:00 – 10:30

2. Podiumsdiskussion | 2. Panel Discussion 🇬🇧 | Schwabing 1-3

Making Energy Investible

Moderation: Martin Hiller, Forrs

Teilnehmer: Luca Pedretti, Pexapark; Jens Hartmann, Enmacc; Sami Younis, Parameta

10:00 – 10:30

Are Brokers the new Exchanges 🇬🇧

Elliott Hann & Steve Pitt, Fenics Market Data

Introducing the new SIX API – A single interface, making it easy to discover and integrate the entire SIX data universe 🇬🇧

Henk D’Hoore & Laurent Lefèvre , SIX

Bespoke benchmarking for your investment strategy:
Fixed income ESG, equity & custom index solutions 🇬🇧

Alberto Ruiz-Sena & Wiliam Gill, ICE Data Services

Cultivating the next generation of market data professionals 🇬🇧

Nadine Scott, TRG Screen




PPAs as an Energy Investment Vehicle – Use Cases for Financial Institutions 🇩🇪

Tim Lummer, FORRS

10:40 – 11:10

Create The Golden Value – Der kooperative Ansatz der LBBW zum Management von Marktdaten 🇩🇪 

Dr. Thomas Reichsthaler, RSU ; Peter Schüle, LBBW

Why Versatility In Data Management Matters – An In-Depth Look At Opportunities & Challenges Head-On 🇩🇪 

Mark Hembury, Neoxam

AI-Based Thematic Investments and Portfolio Management – Live-Demo and Use Cases 🇩🇪

Phlipp Zerhusen & Alexander Stumpfegger, FactSet

Managing Invoices and Declaration with Robotic Processing Automation – The future potential impact of using ChatGPT in market Data 🇬🇧

Steve Roe, West Highland


Energy & Commodities data landscape, delivered by Fenics Market Data 🇬🇧

James Seeley, Fenics Market Data

11:20 – 11:50

Disrupt or Get Disrupted: Taking Market Data to the Cloud with Shift to MDaaS 🇬🇧

Peenaki Dam, FactSet

Data-as-a-Service: best practices in bundled technology and data management services 🇬🇧

Martijn Groot, Alveotech

Regulation, ESG, Customisation: Where is the Indexing Market going? 🇬🇧

Gareth Parker, Morningstar

Cloud triff Regulatorik- (k)ein Konflikt?(!) 🇩🇪

Michael Schobert, oraise

How Financial Institutions can overcome challenges of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050? 🇩🇪

Bernhard Schiessl, S&P Global

12:00 – 12:30

DeFi exchanges. New market data challenges 🇬🇧

Dmitrii Parilov, dxFeed

Erweiterte Einsichten in ESG mit freien Daten 🇩🇪

Roman Kunert, Forrs

Use of credit ratings – escaping the oligopoly and their fee structure 🇬🇧

Michael Bolle, Scope Group

Market survey on the current state of external data supply done with large banks and asset managers 🇩🇪

Dr. Stephan Ludwig, BearingPoint

Clarity AI and LSEG SFDR Reporting Solution 🇩🇪

Henning Schmitt, Refinitiv

12:30 – 14:15

Lunch Break

13:05 – 13:50

3. Podiumsdiskussion | 3. Panel Discussion 🇬🇧 | Schwabing 1-3

How will cloud providers/solutions impact the market data industry in the next years?

Moderator: Dr. Stefan Wilhelm,
Teilnehmer: Henk D’Hoore, SIX; Bill Bierds, BCC Group, Nana van Oorschot, BIQH; Jan Gerrit Marks, Deutsche Börse

14:00 – 14:30

MDH Evaluate – Neue Wege der Marktdatenvalidierung für Bewertungsrichtlinien und NAV-Ermittlung 🇩🇪

Markus Rasche, Exfidant

Implementing a SaaS Market Data Platform within your organization; the three steps approach of BIQH. 🇬🇧


Jeroen van der Velden  & Bernard Schut ,BIQH

The Art of Valuation: Pricing Fixed Income and Derivatives 🇬🇧

Andrey Popov, JP Morgan

Was bei ESG-Ratings und -Daten wichtig ist 🇩🇪

Martin Raab, Global Green Xchange

Powering financial markets to deliver a sustainable future 🇩🇪

Dr. Daniel Klier, ESG Book

14:40 – 15:10

Flexible Anpassung an geschäftliche und regulatorische Anforderungen mittels einer zentralen Marktdatenplattform 🇩🇪

Lars Zimmer, Be Group

Managing Market Data with Confidence: The Role of Reference Data Management 🇬🇧

Amjad Zoghbi, Xpansion

KI als Katalysator für
neue Lösungen in der Marktdaten Industrie 🇩🇪

Johann Leikert & Duy Truong;

Making Fund Investments transparent 🇩🇪

Romana Glaboniat & Martina Amberger, Mountain-View Data

DKF Women :

ESG DEI & Gender Lense Investing welchen Einfluss hat dies auf das Gendergap in Unternehmen. 🇩🇪

Moderatorin: Anja Hohenacker
Teilnehmerinnen: Edda Schröder, Invest in Visions;  Adriana Richter, Storycoaching; Kassandra Xavier Esteves, Microsoft; Alexandra Altinger, JO Hambro

15:15 – 16:00

4. Podiumsdiskussion | 4. Panel Discussion 🇬🇧 | Schwabing 1-3

What are the challenges to putting ESG data to work in the financial industry?

Moderator: Dr. Alexis Eisenhofer,
Teilnehmer: Rebecca Palmer, ICE; Florian Huber, EYCarbon; Bernhard Schiessl, S&P; Edda Schröder, Invest in Visions

16:10 – 16:30

Schlussrede und Wine Tasting | Closing remarks and Wine Tasting   | Nymphenburg 1-3

Evert-Jan ten Brundel

Somelier : Rakhshan Zhouleh 

Sponsored by: MDS@Work and ICE Data Services