Marc Berthoud

Executive Director, Head Exchange Data Strategy  @ SIX Exchanges

Marc currently serves as Head Exchange Data Strategy for SIX Exchanges, one of the leading securities market operators in Europe.

Securing high quality data is a central focus area of Marc’s portfolio. Marc drove the modernization of SIX Swiss Exchange market data dissemination infrastructure, improving latency, scalability, timestamping accuracy as well as data content. He recently completed the integration of the ARTEX Stock Exchange in the SIX MDDX consolidated feed.

Marc is active in some prominent market data standardisation initiatives. He’s Co-Chairing the FIX Market Model Typology (MMT) Technical Committee. MMT delivers an efficient operational solution for meeting RTS 1 /RTS 2 trade flagging requirements. Most market operators and data vendors have already implemented the MMT logic in their data feeds and display terminals across Europe.

Marc is additionally engaged in several collaborative groups delivering industry wide benefits. He contributes to the FESE Market Data Expert Group as well as  to the WFE Exchange and CCP Data Group.

Marc started his career in the securities industry working for the Geneva Stock Exchange during the transition towards full electronic trading.

Marc graduated in Economics and holds various industry certifications with strong focus on data management from EDM Council, ICMA, FISD and is a certified Prince 2 project manager.

In his spare time Marc is engaged as commissioner for the Swiss Basketball League [only if leisure focus is requested.