Christian Baha

Founder and owner @ baha

Christian Baha is the founder and owner of the international financial data service baha – the information company – and the globally active Superfund Group of investment companies. As owner, Christian Baha is responsible for the expansion of the real-time data provider into a comprehensive ecosystem with a web-based market data terminal, global real-time market data from over 180 stock exchanges and a mobile baha app with over 4 million users worldwide. Today, the baha terminal is used primarily in Europe by central and major banks as well as family offices and asset managers as an innovative alternative to the global players that have been established for decades.

Christian Baha laid the foundation stone for baha – the information company in 1995 with the founding of Teletrader as the first real-time stock market information provider in Austria. Of the approximately 100 real-time data providers worldwide, baha is one of the three global players named after the founder. For Christian Baha, this is his strongest commitment to driving forward the product and data offering from Europe at full speed and, at the same time, a personal commitment to his customers to never be satisfied with the good, but to always achieve the best.