David Marriage

Co-founder @ Rewired Earth

David is one of the founding members of Rewired Earth, a not-for-profit initiative designed to “create a business case for sustainable action”, in capturing strong demand signals from stakeholders such as investors, employees & consumers to help companies prioritise actions. To respond to this demand signal Rewired Earth also enables organisations to share real impact required, and aggregate it through a supply chain in a way that people can understand and act upon.

David is Sustainability, Disruption and Innovation Lead at PwC, tasked with creating a vision that enables the financial markets to make the systemic changes required to remain effective as sustainability data becomes increasingly price sensitive. He focuses on enabling markets to benefit from emerging trends and latest technologies. David is redefining how sustainability data is captured and used by Financial Services, Corporates and Policymakers to enable the transition to Net Zero and enable markets to operate sustainably.