Blockchain and Digital assets: Innovative Business Models in the Financial Sector

Blockchain technology and digital assets are opening up new opportunities for innovative and high-margin business models in the financial sector. Against the backdrop of increasing regulatory security through initiatives such as MiCAR and the Electronic Securities Act as well as constant technical innovations, we are experiencing a wave of innovation in the area of crypto assets, digital assets and electronic securities.

New Business Models and Cost Savings Through Tokenization

Numerous assets are already being issued natively on blockchains or represented in tokenized form. This enables new business models for the financial industry and at the same time opens up the possibility of cost savings through disintermediation and innovative technologies.


Bridge Between TradFi and DeFi

BLOCKSIZE supports its clients in bridging the gap between the traditional financial world (TradFi) and the decentralized financial world (DeFi). We help our clients to develop new business models and succeed in a WEB3.0 and blockchain-based environment. Our technology services enable product experts to implement their offering “on-chain” in the blockchain environment without having to deal with the technical complexity and every new trend or protocol. Our motto is: “Passion to enable”.

Expertise for Regulated Clients

BLOCKSIZE empowers its clients – mostly companies supervised by financial regulators – to master the transformation of digital capital markets by providing state-of-the-art technology. We understand our clients’ business models, regulatory and supervisory requirements, and opportunities as well as the technical requirements for digital assets / crypto assets / electronic securities.

The BLOCKSIZE Core Competencies

  • Operation of complex, highly available node infrastructures.
  • Provision of (market) data off-chain and on-chain via Decentralized Oracle Networks.
  • Technical support for digital assets over the entire life cycle.

With an international team and our headquarters in Frankfurt, we offer our customers quality “Made in Germany”.