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Financial markets are among the most information intensive environments worldwide. Financial market participants such as analysts, algo traders, banks, hedge funds, asset managers, mid and back office professionals and data vendors, rely on accurate and timely information to make investment and trading decisions, manage risk, safeguard assets and comply with increasing regulation.

Deutsche Börse Data Services is among the premier providers of proprietary financial information, offering real-time and historical market data as well as a variety of analytics.

We actively orchestrate a growing ecosystem of third parties, ranging from proprietary content providers such as partner exchanges to specialized analytics and tool providers to leverage its best in class information management infrastructure and processes to its customers’ benefit.

Our Analytics department within Data Services is uniquely positioned to have access to data from across the Deutsche Börse Group including Eurex, Xetra and Clearstream to derive meaningful insights and optimise trading strategies for our clients.

Simona Zary

Vice President

Deutsche Börse Group

60485 Frankfurt am Main

Tel. +49 69 211 17495