Moody’s Analytics

In a world shaped by increasingly interconnected risks, it is more difficult than ever to act with certainty. Our customers need to go beyond data into context, to go beyond context into meaning. Moody’s provides a compass for understanding. With our rich history, innovative technologies and diverse expertise, we help customers develop a holistic view of their world. We decode complexity, uncovering opportunity amid exponential risk and informing the way forward. Partnering with Moody’s gives customers a comprehensive, global perspective and the confidence to act, and empowers individuals and organizations to thrive.

What we do

Moody’s has highly skilled analysts, rich data, robust tools supported by groundbreaking technologies, and a view of the future informed by more than 115 years of expertise. We help customers accelerate value creation in this Era of Exponential Risk in 4 ways:

Ratings – We strive to be the global rating agency of choice for debt issuers and investors

Research & Insights – Premier fixed income research business

Data & Information – A data business powered by one of the world’s largest database on companies (450M and growing) and credit

Decision Solutions – Three cloud-based SaaS-businesses serving mission-critical Banking, Insurance and KYC workflows


Moody’s Analytics Deutschland GmbH

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Mr. Christian Gerlach